20 January, 2009

Fossil shark teeth stolen - Fossile Haifischzähne gestolen

Via Steinkern.de - a German forum for fossil collectors and fans of palaeontology - I just came across the news that fossil shark teeth have been stolen from the Nierstein Museum in Germany in mid 2008. Descriptions in German, French, English and Dutch are available together with fotos of the specimens on the museum website. I took the liberty of re-posting the English text published by their director:

Fossil shark teeth stolen

In the middle of 2008 five rare and scientifically valuable shark teeth were stolen from a show case at the “Paläontologisches Museum Nierstein”.

The stolen teeth are two specimens of Woellsteinia oligocaena, and Isurolamna gracilis as well as one tooth of Alopias latidens.

The scientifically processed and published originals should be returned to their original depository where they should be made accessible to the public again. To facilitate their identification we are also going to publish some pictures on our website. You can see them at www.museumnierstein.de

There is evidence which indicates that meanwhile these shark teeth have ended up in collections in the Netherlands.

Herewith we would like to state that these teeth are still property of the “Paläontologisches Museum Nierstein”. The teeth have to be given back like stolen artwork, even if they should be found after years or decades. We have reported the theft to the police. The pictures displayed on this site have also been made available to the responsible authorities.

If you have one of these concise and clearly identifiable teeth in your collection or have seen it in another collection, we ask you for your help.

If you have acquired one of the teeth in good faith or traded one of them, we are interested in an amiable solution.

We are thankful for any piece of information (anonymous information also welcome), which could lead to the present whereabouts of the objects.

Harald Stapf (Director of the museum)

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