22 January, 2009

French rock face

In a follow-up to my recent post on a rock face Bruno Granier from the University of Brest as sent me with kind permission to post the below image of a rock face from a road side near Saint-Ferreol-Trente-Pas, Drome, in SE France. He informed me that the carving is made in Albian glauconitic sandstone of the Marnes-Bleus-Formation.

A lot more artistic work seems to have gone into these example with inscriptions and numbers than into the exampe presented by me.


Silver Fox said...

Do you have any idea what the numbers mean? The lettering looks like it could be the name of the artist. The next number looks like a date, but 5756 seems awfully far in the future! ;)

Lost Geologist said...

I really have no idea. Maybe Bruno if he reads this can shed some light on this?

Anonymous said...

strange.. if it's the year from creation (as adopted by the early christians), then it's year 248 A.D.. so it would be too old. the names are possible to be from that time, but taking in account that there are no roman digits, christians didn't really get to france by that time and they use numbers for the month, probably it's written by a fan of some story with laetitia & gladie which lived in 248 AD or by some young goths imagining themselves in those times (or.. something even stranger :)