18 January, 2009

Mineral Deposit Profiles of the British Columbia Geological Survey

A great site about mineral deposits that I so far neglected to mention here is the collection of freely accessible Mineral Deposit Profiles of the British Columbia Geological Survey. More than 90 profiles of different mineral deposits are described in short and easy to understand summaries sorted by commodity, lithology or deposit group. It is a very valuable resource for anyone interested or working in the the wide field of mineral exploration. It covers different commodities from base metals, precious metals, industrial minerals and gemstones. Profiles include a short description, example deposits, features of host rocks and ore control, exploration aids and many other criteria. In total there are 156 profiles of which 91 may be freely accessed online. Additional profiles can be purchased from the BCGS.

Also I would like to recommend the Geoscience and Exploration websites of the BCGS that hold a lot of valuable information.

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Miguel Vera said...

Nice recommendation. Those mineral profiles were always a great source of information for my university reports.