07 January, 2009

One year of being the Lost Geologist

Exactly one year ago on January 7th, 2008, I began this blog with the first post. What a great and interesting first year of being the Lost Geologist! I hope I can keep on posting regularly for the next year, too, and expand both the quality of my writing and my interaction with the geoblogosphere.

Now if I wouldn't have been awfully busy the last few days with putting together a short presentation of results to my professor about my mapping project I would have had the time to make a nice, big anniversary post, however, my end of the year post already gives a good summary.

I am having a few nice posts in my mind though that I want to make in the next week all relating directly or indirectly to carbonates.


Silver Fox said...

Happy blogiversary! Great to hear you're getting a mapping presentation together. Next thing we'll hear that you're off giving a talk somewhere! Good luck!

MJC Rocks said...

Congratulations! We share the same blogiversary day. Keep up the good work.

Miguel Vera said...

Congrats! I'm sure this will be a good year for you. Good luck with the presentation too.

Lost Geologist said...

Thanks all! The tiny presentation was the same day as this post. My prof, and his business friend who accidentally came too early for a later appointment, both liked what I told them.

SF, a talk? No, but I am pondering to make one or two posters for a conference that will take place in october in Dresden (south of Berlin).