16 January, 2009

A rock face

One of the odd curiousities I came across while mapping november/december last year is this weird looking piece of sculptor work. It's a bit scary, no? Someone discovered limestone for "rock art".

I wonder who made it and especially when. The surface was not too dirty and I did not clean it. Sadly so far it remained the only mysterious artwork within my mapping area. It was quite a nice distraction for my supervisor (who saw it first) and me. Did any of you ever find something comparable during field work? Wild works of art in nature?


Anonymous said...

Of Course, I found and old house and a couple of handmade stewpan in one glacier in the Cordillera Blanca, maybe from an expedition from 1920 or something!
Great post!

Raptor Lewis said...

Wierd carving. As for your question, no, I haven't In all honesty, I haven't gone fossil hunting yet or anything, so, no. Cool post and blog.

Silver Fox said...

I don't think I've ever run across anything quite like that - it almost looks like something from Mexico!

I've come across unexpected cabins that were quite well-cared for by locals, desert travelers, or hunters - some including sign-in books, nice cot beds, good stoves. I hope they are still there in case I ever want to go back!

effjot said...

During Christmas break, I was looking for outcrops around my home village to find out whether a particular hill belongs to the Flysch or the Helvetic. (We're sitting right on their border.)

Instead I came across a nativity scene nestled beneath the roots:

http://www.effjot.net/img/krippe.jpg (Blogger doesn't allow images in comments *sigh*)