10 January, 2009

Visited countries meme

Another meme is spreading like a virus in the geoblogosphere, the visited countries meme! Other blogs have already been infected, like NOLÖGIC, Looking for Detachment, The Ethical Palaeontologist, Clastic Detritus, Highly Allochthonous, ReBecca's Blog and Hypo-theses.

Here is the anamnesis of my worldly travels. I touched the ground in less than 9% of the world. Way too little!!!

Also the visit to the USA is a bit of a cheat. I had to wait 8 hours in transit on a flight to Peru in the Forth Worth Airport in Texas.

visited 19 states (8.44%)


Maple Leaf said...

You haven't been to Canada? Shame on you. ;-P

Silver Fox said...

Look! You've been to all of Russia! Quite a bit of surface area added to the map with that one. Too bad they are just counting number of countries for the percentage. ;)

Lost Geologist said...

Canada? Nope, much too cold! :D

And Russia...sure...seen every square foot of it! Actually, I haven't been East of the Wolga River, not even close to the Urals or Siberia.

effjot said...

Thanks for your post reminding me to do my own map!

However, I didn't “cheat” by including an 8 hour stop. :-p

(On the other hand, Russia would have looked impressive on my map…)