15 February, 2009

Lost Geologist's art

Please apologise for the recent silence here on the Lost Geologist. My diploma mapping report is keeping me occupied as I am trying to advance it wherever I can before returning to fieldwork at the end of this month. Writing serious stuff pretty much drains my creativity for other matters, i.e. coming-up with good blog posts. Although I do have one or two not entirely thought-through ideas spooking around in my head. Well, we will see what develops out of them. For now I like to share two pieces of art. The first another rather abstract painting I made some time ago. Not necessarily my best I believe. The other piece is a drawing I made in 2005 of some beautifully exposed folds on the French coast in Brittany. If you are interested the location is given on the drawing itself, including coordinates. I made it during one of the best field trips of university. Brittany was really cool. Mapping directly at the seaside.

Two very different pieces of art that can originate from the hands of a geologist. Allbeit a few years apart from each other.


Silver Fox said...

Well, one's abstract, the other is geological, so they are very different. The drawing of the folds is exceptionally detailed and well-done. It's nice to see people who still draw things, instead of just doing things on a computer!

Lost Geologist said...

They make us draw things in university. You should see what friends of mine are drawing! It's jaw-dropping beautiful. Better than any computer-work or foto!