15 March, 2009

A day off

Sunday. No work. Basicly I should be outside using the good weather to map but I've been walking on my last leg in the recent days. So not to get totally exhausted I'm going to make sunday a free day today. Maybe just do some small things for the map working on the desk. Like adding more points and compiling a content for the report or visit the local town museum that has a small but nice exhibition on the local geology. On the side of the good news is that I received an confirmation email that I am now an official Student Member of the Society of Economic Geologists! Yay! That makes me the only one at my entire university - I think.

1 comment:

Maple Leaf said...

Da wir uns nicht nochmal gesehen haben, schreibe ich dir hier.

Lass uns die Daumen drücken, dass das Wetter auf unserer Seite ist.

Viel Glück und bis Anfang April.