02 March, 2009

A View East

While mapping I also take a lot of unrelated fotos as I am advancing. Saturday when having reached the southern most point of that day's route the below view unfolded for me. The little town is nestled in a valley of the foothills of the Rhine Valley. The mountains of the Black Forrest can be seen as beautiful scenery in the background.

Sunday I took a day off to relax and visit a castle and town close-by. I had a great view into the French Vosges mountains arising behind the Rhine river on the horizon. So far I mapped a bit more than 3 km2 on Friday and Saturday. Today was rather rainy and after documenting a previously missed-out quarry I quickly headed back into my flat again - the weather was just too awful.

On a side note my motivation still needs treatment on the intensive care station but doctors believe it is going to live on though recovering may take a few more weeks or month. Maybe I will apply for doing a thesis with a company. It's a bit tricky as I don't like to buy the pig in the poke but someone recommended applying with Knauf Gips (a large producer of limestone and gypsum for construction purposes) and other companies of the branch. We will see...

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