03 March, 2009

Work conditions and a goat

Work conditions are not always so perfect here. The outcrops are usually of decent quality but moving only 5 to 10 m away quickly changes the situation. Rare float is the best one gets but not even that is easy to find. Apart of that all I map is dirt; brown clay. Very ugly stuff especially when wet after a rain shower. The limestone here has, at least close to the quarries, about 0.5 to 1 m of dirt on top of it. A meter is usually enough to not find any float anymore. Well, my brain is pretty drained after today's tour. Some fotos of the work conditions...

The woods

The upper part of the topsoil. Not a single rock to be found. The pebble you see is from the road cover.

Upper soil profile

A curious goat kept me company for some minutes. Very curious about my work and kind enough to let me take a foto for memory.

A goat



Maybe the goat wanted to show you where all the outcrops were. You should have followed him/her.

GeologyJoe said...

I've been stalked by a moose before, but never a goat.