02 April, 2009

(Almost) Done!

The last few days were pretty intense. I was in the last steps of completing my self-set mapping programm and drafting the new geological map of the region. Quite amazing that I managed to map 16 square kilometers in 6 weeks. Especially considering the partially awful weather and unfavourable terrain. Yesterday's field tour with my supervisor and the good results in my supervisor's opinion were (and are) a great relief. Today I quickly mapped two minor areas that deserved another look. So now I am done with fieldwork - and ready for some vacations actually. Before I return homewards there will be another short visit to the office in Freiburg to return some of the equipment I had borrowed. Then, on saturday, it's finally time to go home! I will take a short rest there before I start to compile the actual map that I will be delivered to the geological survey. Also I need to write my diploma mapping report for university. So I will have plenty to do for the next two months! But before that I will be attending an - I hope interesting - short course (6th to 9th of April) on Coal Geology and Organic Geochemistry of Petroleum Deposits held at my local university by Professor Kalkreuth who is an expert working at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in Porto Alegre, Brazil.


fj said...

Congratulations for so successfully finishing your work!

I can sympathise regarding the bad weather. Last week I also was out in the field, drilling and installing groundwater observation pipes, with quite some rain and snow. However, my students were those that really did suffer… ;-)

Miguel Vera said...

Good job! And what about your thesis project? Any good news?