16 April, 2009

Geoblogs: Kreidefossilien and Nig-eosyncline

Today I discovered thanks to Lutz over at the Geoberg-Blog and to the latest version of Accretionary Wedge two Geoblogs or better said one geo-related site with a blog and one true Geoblog that are new to me.

One is a German site called kreidefossilien.de a website devoted to Cretaceous fossils and geology. It is very comprehensive and I found a new source of interesting and local geology information.

The other is Nig-eosyncline by Ikenna Okonkwo from Nigeria! I am very glad to have found especially the later one because Africa is so far a truly under-represented continent on the Geobloggosphere!


Silver Fox said...

Have you seen A Long Way to Go, which is a blog by a geology/geophysics major in Germany? You might recognize some of the areas.

Silver Fox said...

Oh, never mind! I see that blog over in your German geo-feed!