29 April, 2009

Karst Webpages

To re-start blogging after my unwanted hiatus I would like to share a few informative sources on karst and karstification with you. As you may be aware karst is an often re-occuring problem in soluble rocks. Usually found in carbonates (esp. pure limestones) it can also be observed in sulfates or evaporites. Besides influencing limestone resource quality and playing a role the formation of Mississippi-Valley-type deposits (hence my interest) it also is a very important aspect in hydrology and groundwater flow and is recognised as a potential geohazard in the form of sinkholes. Last but not least it can influence petroleum reservoirs.

Karst and the USGS


Karst Information Portal

Karst Home Page

Karst - A potential Geohazard and Reservoir

Introduction to carbonates

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