10 May, 2009

Cool samples from fieldwork #01

During fieldwork I came across a number of really cool fossil and rock samples. For my report I need a couple of good images to illustrate my finds and conclusions. So I had a small foto session today and made some fotos. One of my coolest finds is a plate covered with a lot of crinoid stems and arm fragments that I identified as Isocrinus nicoleti. Since my palaeontology is not so good I will get another opinion from one of the experts at my university though. Anyways, enjoy some nice fotos!

Plate with crinoid stems

Close-up of large stem and arm fragments

Close-up and cross-view of stem fragment. Note the typical star-like appearance.



Those are neat looking fossils.

neuwendao said...

So cool! There are also many crinoid in permian of South China.