16 May, 2009

Cool samples from fieldwork #03

Another great find from my work is an extraordinary large calcite crystal that I managed to recover from one location. Outcrops are really worth checking out in the really unaccessible parts. This one required some climbing and I do have to admit that I did not have the courage to return to the location a second time. I suppose this one formed either by diagenetic processes or karstification in general. Didn't get around, yet, to review my notes on this location. It is a really cool find though! From the same location I also managed to recover a few very tiny fluorite crystals within a boxwork of calcite blades. Perhaps I managed to make fotos of those, too.

Large calcite crystals

By the way: Please excuse the lack of substantial blogging. The diploma mapping report and maps are keeping me occupied more than I want them to.

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