23 May, 2009

What the Lost Geologist is busy with...

My university is a wonderful place. Really is! We have all kinds of wonderful stuff - except the really useful one. Instead of finding a way to let students use Corel or other specialised software to do important things they found a better way - let the student figure it out by himself (I won't even start with all the other things that don't work - I'm in a good mood still!). That's why I am currently developing a tennis elbow while playing around with various free graphic softwares to design a good, vertical profile of my mapping area.

Screenshot of what I do

I'm busy for two days now with what you can see above. By now I believe I am too perfectionist and should just have scribbled something on a piece of with some pencils. *sigh*

When I am done with it, then it'll deserve a place in an art gallery!


effjot said...

OMG, your department doesn't have any geological drawing software? That's great indeed. :-(

I'm quite happy with GeODin – you can enter your borehole descriptions and have it draw the columns/profiles automatically for you.

You might have a look at it with their free version “Shuttle” (where drawing is only possible in demo mode), and when you feel confident, order a free two-week test license to finish your profiles.

Lost Geologist said...

Well, they do have them. The problem is with the restrictions of using it and the few machine it is installed on that are publically accessible. No one can guarantee the work done would still be on it a week after. Also there is no way to "reserve" a work station. So one might come invain to uni just to find the computer you need occupied.

The colum is done by now. Looks quite good I think.

I downloaded the demo. Didnt test it, yet, very much though.

Mel said...

I would love to know what you thought of the various freeware programs. I use Gimp for most of my drawing needs, but I have not used it to make strat columns. I will check out GeODin too.

Lost Geologist said...

Mel, I didn't have the need, yet, to make many others graphics besides columns. I chose paint.NET because with a very simple to install plugin it is possible to design as many fill types for shapes as you desire. Meaning you can make your own rock signatures, something that I found difficult or impossible to do with many other free programms.

Also I can set in each new file how many pixels equal one centimeter. That makes accurate columns even better and comparable. Aside of that when drawing a box or line the programm always shows its size on a small box. Meaning you can draw your shape to exactly the size you desire. Being able to use layers it's possible to make one template and do all the drawing in additional layers.

I also had GIMP on my old computer but somehow I didn't understand it so well.

I am also testing Inkscape but it also find it difficult to quickly design new rock signatures.

Also I have the free Diagramm Designer. Didn't really use it, yet, though but might be useful.

There also exists a free CAD programm called DoubleCAD XT which looks pretty cool.

effjot said...

Doesn't the University have a network license which you could access via VPN from home?

The Gimp is a very good software which I also often use for image editing. But because it is working on bitmap images (and not vector graphics), I don't think it will be useful for your drawings.

I've also worked with Corel Draw, but there it's not so easy to get nice rock signatures.

Lost Geologist said...

yes they do effjot but students are not given the CDs for installing it for whatever reason so it is basicly pointless to have it. at least when i asked i was told that's not possible.

i probably need a good drawing course one day....haha.