12 June, 2009

200th Post!

Woohohohooo!!! This is the 200th post since I began blogging one and a half years ago! Time moves so fast, doesn't it? I should have planed this ahead to have a fascinating celebration post ready - as you can see I didn't. Shame on me....

However, instead I can tell you that I am planing to continue blogging for at least another 200 posts (thats probably sometime around the new year of 2010/11).

Also I've been pondering for a while to make major re-construction of my entire blog. I would like to write more focused and more in depth on what really interests me. Additionally I want to move to a more professional look. I don't quite like the options blogger provides. For now all of this is still brewing in my head while I am working on my diploma mapping report and searching a cool diploma thesis topic.

Last but not least I like to thank all the loyal and active followers of my blog. Your thoughts are always a great enrichment of this blog. Thank you!

P.S. I'm on Twitter now but I didn't quite figure out what I am supposed to do there, yet.

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