06 June, 2009

Back from relaxing

Yesterday I came back from relaxing a couple of days after completing my diploma mapping project maps. I really needed a break. The first three days I was completely exhausted and could physically feel some stress falling off. Now I have a bit more energy again to write the report to accompany the maps. To my great relief my supervisor found nothing to complain about and is very pleased about my work done so far. Nice! From his mouth that's a very big "job well done"!

Also for the real news: I just mailed my poster abstract to contribute to Geodresden 2009. It is this year's meeting and congress of the DGG (German Geological Association). So my very first conference presentation is on it's way! Woohohooo! Now I have a few months to make a cool poster and hopefull some additional and enhanced thin-sections.

My poster will be about organic microfossils from certain metamorphic rocks I worked on a year ago. I might post more about it closer to the meeting.

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Silver Fox said...

You're moving right along! Glad you could get some stress relief. (Everyone needs that every now and then.)