23 July, 2009

Oncolite Rudstone from the "Mumienbank"

I am not getting ahead fast with my diploma mapping report and it keeps being a pain in the...well, you can imagine - a lot of headache. So there isn't much around that I have time or nervs to make some serious posting about. For your entertainment I decided to share another polished slab I made that will be part of my report. It is a piece of the "Mumienbank" - an oncolitic Rudstone from the Jurassic limestones that I am working on. You can observe some lovely oncolites, nucleus and laminae intact, bored and re-filled, some deformation on the grain contacts that are partially filled with some iron minerals (the black stuff) - guess haematite or stuff. Didn't yet have time to look at it with a binocular or microscope but the black stuff is actually quite shiny in the sun.

Oncolite Rudstone of the "Mumienbank"

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Rod said...

Please forgive the completely off-topic comment!

WoGE#167 has been languishing for so long on Ron Schott's site that the Google imagery has actually changed. I think it's probably just escaped the attention of the geoblogosphere because the momentum was lost back in early spring, but it's time to get things rolling again. Ron tried to give a big hint recently, but he did it through Twitter. I thought I'd take the more drastic measure of posting a hint on some previous WoGE winners' sites: Windley and Allen, 1993.