02 July, 2009

Why it is so quiet here...

Studying at an under-funded university that abandoned their department of economic geology just when I got here is highly unsatisfactory. Sadly changing places again is out of the option - I do not want to lose another semester or two or three. I don't even want to think of the financial problems that would come with that.

The recent lack of posting is somehow related to that. I am fighting with my motivation to get the diploma mapping report done. Gladly I do not have problems with the material itself but working without having any goal to work for is a fairly demotivating task. Unfortunately the only professor interested in and willing to help me with a thesis in economic geology (something with ore!) has no funds to work with. Remember we don't have a department anymore, thus no funds, no research, etc. I applied in the industry but only got two offers that are even worth considering as a thesis. None of them will bring me any closer to what I really want. Actually they'll be leading me right in the other direction. Limestones are nice and it's a resource but, well, where is my ore?

Please excuse the current lack of posting. It might continue for a while until I find something worthwhile to do.


Mel said...

Hang in there. I have struggled with serious motivation problems myself. Something that really helped me realize I am not alone and there are tricks to overcome the lack of motivation - http://www.thedissertationcoach.com/resources.html
Hope it helps!

Lost Geologist said...

That looks like a very helpful page! I will be reading trough it a little today and tomorrow. I think I will find something to help me.