24 August, 2009

Book recommendation: Paleokarst

Occasionally I recommend books that I personally like. In the previous book recommendations I wrote about Carbonate Sedimentology by Tucker & Wright and Microfacies of Carbonate Rocks by Fl├╝gel. Today I have a slightly different theme that also related to carbonates. The title of today's book is Paleokarst by James & Choquette (Eds.). I have at several times consulted this book in the course of my diploma mapping project and, sadly only at one occasion, cited from it. It's a very interesting book when you are interested in how to recognise karstification in ancient environments and when you need to distinguish Paleokarst from modern Karst. The volume is a collection of papers and reports of the 1985 symposium on "Paleokarst Systems and Unconformities - Characteristics and Significance". Published in 1988 this book is, dispite its age, in my opinion a good collection to introduce the interested reader into the Paleokarst and Karst field. Some basic knowledge of carbonates and karst is totally sufficient to understand this volume. The book itself is two parted: At first there is a discussion in several papers of general karst and paleokarst features, such as caves, meteoric diagenesis or even carbonate-hosted lead-zinc deposits. At second examples of paleokarst terranes are presented dealing with different aspects. The book is supported by a great number of black-and-white sketches and images. Personally I do prefer good black-and-white grafics over fancy grafics that are too full to recognise what's really important. So I do not consider this to be a negative point. Sadly this great books seems to be out of print and is no longer on stock. It might be hard to find - luckily I seem to be the only one in my university library who uses the only copy.

In short: this book covers a wide range of karst features of both ancient and modern context and touches issues of different fields, such as but not limited to caves, diagenesis, ore deposits and paleoclimate.

Paleokarst front cover

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