08 August, 2009

Who can share research and work experience on aggregate and industrial minerals?

As my choices for my diploma thesis have boiled down to diving into the world of shallow-marine limestones (again) used for making burnt lime with a large German manufacturer of construction materials I am wondering how many geos and perhaps mining engineers we have in the geoblogosphere who can share some experiences. Mining for metal ores and precious stones has a much wider exposure than the industrial minerals, however, in Germany, if you want to work on mineral deposits (in the wider sense) industrial minerals and aggregate will be your first choice right after coal or salt.

I've been wondering. Please excuse the very vague questioning. What are the pros and cons in your opinion and what do you think about the career aspects in these fields of mineral production? I am still pondering to also persue a PhD sometime after my graduation. What affect will my focus on limestones (by necessity) have on the chances of persuing a PhD related to metalic ore deposits?

Any shared experiences are highly welcome!


Silver Fox said...

I know people with a main career emphasis in metals exploration who have gone into sand and gravel or limestone exploration and development when metal prices were low. I would think that you could go the other way around, especially if you maintain some interest and knowledge of minerals - maybe through field trips - and especially if your PhD is focused on ore deposits.

There's always the chance that once you do the thesis in limestone, and if you get a job in that field, that you will find you want to stay there. I know a geologist who started in metals and went immediately into limestone mining - he found a place where he was fascinated by the structure.

Wish I had better ideas and info!

GeologyJoe said...

I say, any job in your field of study is a good job. just imagine having spent all this time learning, only to end up at a phone bank.

Lost Geologist said...

Thanks for both your insights. Please excuse me slow and small reponds. I am terrible engulfed with finishing my diploma mapping report. Once that's over by the end of this month I will have a lot more time to make some proper replies.