16 September, 2009

8th Freiberg Short Course: Metallogeny and Exploration of Uranium Deposits

If you are interested in Uranium, its metallogeny and exploration, then I can recommend this years 8th Freiberg Short Course on Economic Geology at the Technical University of Freiberg, Germany. The almost one week long course will be presented by Professor Michel Cuney and others. All relevant kinds of Uranium deposits will be discussed and presented, including a field trip to the Uranium Ore collection of the WISMUT AG in Aue, the site of the former Uranium mining operation in communist times. One of the local organisers and presenters will be Dr. Thomas Seifert, an able and friendly mineral deposits expert of the Freiberg University whom I remember from various classes that I listened to in my Freiberg time. The course will be held from December 7th-12th in Freiberg.

Freiberg is not so far, perhaps 3 hours by train. If I will attend the course myself is still unclear, as I will be in the middle of my diploma thesis in december and probably stuck in a big pile of work.

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