09 September, 2009

Congress season

UPDATE: Unfortunately I got a very bad throat infection, high fever and lymph nodes as big as golf balls and hard as granite. My doctor ordered me to stay at home. Such a big disappointment! I was looking forward to meeting a lot of interesting people...

It has been going around in the Geoblogosphere that congress season has begun. I will be using the opportunity of having a lot of free time to attend the The 87th Meeting of the German Mineralogical Association at the Martin-Luther-University of Halle-Wittenberg. The meeting from the 13th till 16th of september will be covering a wide range of mineralogical and geological issues, also including archeology. My personal main interest will of course be to attend the symposia on mineral deposits and exploration in which will be presented a number of, I hope interesting, topics of mineral exploration in Germany. The most recent programm can be downloaded here.

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