20 September, 2009

New Geology Feeds on Economic Geology and Sedimentology

The "Fachzeitschriften" feed for geology journals has been removed from the sidebar because I thought that it is too cluttered with all the geology related journal feeds in one place. On the very end of the sidebar I now included two different feeds focused on "Economic Geology" and on "Sedimentology" respectively. This move also reflects my personal focus on these issues and will enhance finding relevant information more easily, I hope. The previous feed of all journals has not ceased to exist though. If you wish to use it click here to access its page but I will no longer be maintaining it on a regular basis.

The "Economic Geology" feed includes Chemical Geology, Geofluids, Journal of Geochemical Exploration, Mineralium Deposita, Ore Geology Reviews and Resource Geology. It is the journals that offer a feed for new articles and which I regularly check for news.

The "Sedimentology" Feed includes Basin Research, Facies, International Journal of Earth Sciences, Marine and Petroleum Geology, Marine Geology, Palaeogeography-Palaeoclimatology-Palaeoecology, Sedimentary Geology and Sedimentology. I tried limiting it to journals that have articles on sedimentology frequently.

If you have any suggestions for adding journals to these two feeds feel welcome to contact me.


BrianR said...

Cool ... if it's no trouble, can you copy/paste the feed addresses for the following into this comment thread?

- Int'l Journal of Earth Sciences
- Paleo, Paleo, Paleo
- Marine Geology

The only other one I have in my 'sed' feed that you don't is JGR Earth Surface, which is a bit more geomorph focused, but still very seddy -- http://www.agu.org/pubs/rss/jf_rss.xml

Lost Geologist said...

No trouble at all Brian! Here they are:

Int'l Journal of Earth Sciences


Marine Geology

I'll take a look at JGR Earth Surfaces. You reminded me that I could perhaps also add "Geomorphology" to the feed.

BrianR said...

awesome ... thanks!

Silver Fox said...

I added your Economic Geology feed to my blog sidebar. Thanks!

Lost Geologist said...

SF, that's cool!