27 September, 2009

Time for Fieldwork!

Thuesday will be the day I head due South to France. Starting October 1st I will be doing a little bit of mapping, measuring sections and taking plenty of samples for my Diplom thesis. The long-term weather forecasts look promising and with some luck I will be enjoying two weeks of perfect outdoor weather in the Alsatian Jura in the eastern-most part of France. I will be delving into the realm of shallow-marine carbonates, in particular oolites and oncolites. Internet access will be severely limited, in contrast to the last time I was on fieldwork. There should be enough material to make a few nice posts about fieldwork, carbonate sedimentology or karstification, I hope. It will be quiet here till mid-October.

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Senlac said...

I found your site during a search for info on Brittany's geology prior to a visit next week.
Using GoogleEarth I noticed a semi-circular feature (8km rad ?) with its centre close to Mael-Pestivien.
Within the semi-circle the vegetation is markedly greener than outside and is partially enclosed by what looks like a forested strip that may be higher and less fertile. Close to the centre of this possible feature is a lake with an unusual shape.

Could it be an ancient impact cater or volcano or has my imagination run wild.
Bernie Oastler