10 October, 2009

Dispatches from the Field #3

The internet connection here has gotten really...a matter of chance...each day. So here is the summary of the last few days.

Day 8 to 12:

In the last days I managed to document all profiles in the useful outcrops. The weather has unfortunately worsened and the last three days got me soacking wet every time. I did manage to begin measuring the outcrops for dip, palaeoflow (not much to see sadly) and faults. The compass only arrived thursday, my supervisor had forgotton to bring it. Well, I do get to see every spot at least twice this way. Though it does not really lift my spirits. I found a tiny veinlet with pyrite, chalcopyrite and calcite in the quarry today. The next one and a half hours I spend looking for more and examing the really tiny crystals in more detail. I'm still an ore geology guy by heart I noticed, and how hard it was to leave them and get back to documenting the boring quarry with its very monotonous succession. I am very much looking forward to going home. I can feel that I am doing the 3rd or 4th choice kind of project. I want my ores...

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