22 October, 2009

Dispatches from the Field #4

The Final Days

The last days of fieldwork were dedicated to sampling outcrops, measured sections and other outstanding features. In total I collected around 45 samples for thin sections and another 35 sections for geochemical investigations. The geochemical samples are, of course, the counter-parts to the respective samples for the thin-sections to allow direct comparison. Sampling required a lot of manual work with the hammer and chisle. Many locations have a very hard limestone that required intensive hammering, this way taking 4 samples could easily consume more than an hour until a largely unaltered sampled could be obtained. Also, an advise for anyone hammering away in quarries and outcrops, use a helmet! Mine proved to be a valuable addition to my equipment as it was hit two times by falling rock - that otherwise probably would have required a visit to the local hospital. Having survived sampling and last minute observations I headed to Northern Bavaria to drop-off the geochemical samples in the office of my financing company. They will hopefully be able to provide the results in a few weeks. Now I am heading home. Fieldwork is over!

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