08 October, 2009

SedLog: A tool for drawing graphic logs.

Today's work literally got drowned by continued rain. The unvoluntary idle time could not be filld entirely with continuing the map thus I spent some time surfing the digital waves, and behold, what did I find?! Something certainly not only useful for my thesis project, but just as well to anyone else out there needing to compile sedimentary graphic logs. I stumbled upon an article (SedLog: A shareware program for drawing graphic logs and log data manipulation) published just recently in Computers & Geosciences by Zervas et al. It appears to be great and easy to use tool that I downloaded. Runs fine on my Win XP. The tool has its own webpage here.


Geo... said...

It is a good software for drawing logs. I guess the only inconvenience is the plot can only be exported as pdf or GPEG file.
We still need vectorise the image to vectorgraph for publication. Right?
Thank you :)

neda said...

Thanks a lot for introducing this software.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you like it.
Lotta Lüthje

Lost Geologist said...

I do like it. Actually used it in my diploma thesis for profile documentation. Though it has some room for practical improvement in my opinion. It is not always as practical as expected.

Do you know of an improved version that is in development?

William said...

Yes, this is a good program. Having the PDF option makes it very universal to share and print.