21 November, 2009

Fun with a Triangle

Today I got the results of the geochemical analysis of the samples that I took during fieldwork in France. Plotting the CaCO3 (top), MgCO3 (left) and Impurities (right) into a triangle gives a...well...boring but good result. Totally depending what you want to do with these rocks. But what else to expect from shallow-marine non-skeletal pack- and grainstones? I hope you can recognise the tiny dots at the top.


Kathrin said...

Look's like a full snake wiggling to the top of your triangle ;-)

Cheers, Kathrin

Lost Geologist said...

Plotting the results into a line diagramm with CaCO3 and Whiteness Index also results in a very active, up-hild climbing snake.

Miguel Vera said...

Nothing much to add with that plot. :D