04 December, 2009

Early Christmas Gift

Wednesday I ordered with my first, own, hard earned money (the Internship wages don't count as I was just standing in the way and being useless really) a high-quality geologist compass, a UV lamp and some boxes for thin-sections. To my great surprise the parcel arrived today already! Usually it takes up to two weeks! So today I had a bit of an early geologist's christmas feeling that resulted in running around the house and examining everything with the UV lamp and the compass (in lack of any near-by outcrops the kitchen was measured). I can now confirm that the walls are indeed all standing vertical and are well aligned. On the foto I added a simple description. The compass is a 360° compass after Clar, Freiberg Modell, that I learned with and still consider one of the best. Neither the Brunton (which broke after 1 day of use), nor some Breithaupt Models (which lacked some marks) or the recently used, cheap imitation (which resulted in daily injuries of my fingers because of the extremely sharp edges and lose screws) of the Freiberg version were able to convince me. This one should last a lifetime though.

I will post some instructions on how to correctly use it sometime soon.


Lockwood said...

Some years back, I bought a plug-in UV lamp, AKA "black light," and net through my (at the time) extensive rock collection. I was blown away by the number of fluorescent specimens I had, and even more so by a few phosphorescent rocks, which continued to glow visibly for several seconds after the lamp was turned off. But I think the biggest surprise came when I shown it into the kitchen cupboard: curry powder (at least Spice Islands brand) glows like a bright yellow light bulb under UV.

I never thought to check out food I had prepared with curry... and I'm probably glad.

Suvrat Kher said...

Lockwood- i think the volatile oils in Turmeric which is one of the constituents of curry powder has fluorescent properties