20 December, 2009

End of the year reflections.

The holiday season is very near and christmas just waiting around the corner. December has been pretty quiet here and will most likely continue to be so for the rest of 2009. In the year that is now passing I have been and still am very busy with my graduation work. All geological travel this year was directly related to it either for my diploma mapping project in the beginning of 2009 or thesis fieldwork closer to the end of 2009. The mapping project as been brought to a successful end and even though I am still waiting to receive my official grade both examiners have hinted that there is nothing I need to be worried about.

As my planing goes I will travel to the Southwest of Germany in January or February again. The regional geological survey offered me to examine two new cores of Jurassic limestone for my thesis. This will be a welcome supplement to highlight the regional aspects of my study which is so far focused on Eastern France. The coring will be done in January. So they'll be very fresh. The core locations are directly based on my diploma mapping work by the way.

I realise the activity here has been a bit low in the recent weeks or months. That is mainly due to my thesis stress which simply doesn't leave me with enough peace of mind to author high-quality blog-posts on geology. I tried filling the gaps with some interesting news and geological tools. Also, being engulfed in my thesis, I hardly find the time to read or write something that has not to do with my thesis. Because my thesis is company sponsored there are also some aspects and results which I cannot openly publish online. I hope you understand.

Next year, with the thin-section completed, I hope to make a few good posts on microfacies and diagenesis of limestones. The half-done sections already seem to promise good photographic illustrations. We will see.
As this will most likely be the last post for this year I already want to wish everyone of my readers a wonderful christmas time and a happy new year!

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Silver Fox said...

I've enjoyed what you have posted this year, your dispatches from the field and other posts. I too am often behind on reading (and commenting). Thanks for the holiday wishes - the same to you!