08 January, 2010

First news for 2010

Without noticing it on time the two year anniversary of my blog passed yesterday on January 7th. The last two years saw 238 blog posts, with the first year of blogging more active than the 2nd which I blame on being more busy with my thesis related works. I didn't have the opportunity to compile an anniversary post or series, my excuses.

I now have an office at university in which I can work on my thesis. Good that I asked for it because there was just one free room now that one of the interim professors left. Well, till april I can call it my office when I need to move out again for the new teacher but I hope to have more regular writing motivation being at university. I will "move-in" with my stuff sometime next week.

Also I have started in serious searching for possible Jobs or PhD positions related to my main interests of ore and mineral deposits, carbonate sedimentology and phosphorites/industrial minerals exploration. Hopefully, by the time I graduate with my Diplom/Master (probably sometime in May or June) I will have one or two interesting positions to chose from.


Suvrat Kher said...

good luck and looking forward to more posts on carbonates!

Mike said...

I did see an explorationist internship in Idaho for a phosphate mine.

Lost Geologist said...

Suvrat, thanks and I hope I can fulfill the expectations!

Mike, thanks a lot! I checked out the offer though I for the impression they want an Intern and not a Graduate. But I will take a closer look.