16 January, 2010

A new German Geoblog

Gunnar from the Amphibol-Blog has turned my attention to a new, German Geoblog. I am happy to mention it here. The number of German geology related blogs is rather low. The author, a geophysics student, calls him- or herself Stryke and writes exclusively in German on a variety of issues. The name: And the Water seems inviting

Also I added this new blog to my feed of German Geoblogs that you can find on the navigation bar on the right.


Kathrin said...

Thanks for your blog recommendations! I found another German one about the Chiemgau Impakt: http://chiemgauimpact.blogspot.com/


Lost Geologist said...

Thanks Kathrin! Robert from the Chiemgau Impact has been posting for a shortwhile already. :)