27 February, 2010

Back to blogging

I'm back online. It was possible to make a complete back-up of my harddrive before formating and reinstalling Windows. Mental note: never leave a USB-Stick or MP3-Player in the ports when switching-off or re-starting your computer. It might drive your operating system into suicide.


vodafonul said...

Is ok to reboot also with stick and / or mp3 player plugged into your computer. I suggest you to change BOOT ORDER from your bios( put your hard drive to be first boot device), and all your problems will be resolved

effjot said...

Great that you could restore your data! It sucks to lose something important.

Perhaps you should try some automatic backup in case your computer breaks again, or you accidentaly delete/overwrite something important.

I'm using mozy.com and am quite satisfied. There are other similar services, too, of course. (This is no advertisement…) When you're online, it uses the free bandwith to make regular backups to their server (encrypted of course); 2GB storage are free. So you have a backup at a physically separate location, which is a good thing to have. Also, it keeps your old versions around for a while, so you can get back your old files.