23 February, 2010

Temporary Absence

Dear readers, followers and friends. Due to a severe and complete crash of my computer I will be without internet access for the next days (I hope) or weeks (I am afraid of). It is now in the hands of professionals who, I hope, will at least safe my thesis data (or better, the entire computer). Don't be surprised if my respondses to emails or comments are slow or don't happen at all. It is beyond my control right now. I will try to answer all your emails and comments as soon as possible under this difficult situation. Thank you.


Kathrin said...

OMG :( Things like that remind me of Murphy's Law ("Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong")... Some years ago, when I wrote the paper for the geoscientific main seminar, my PC crashed too - irreparable. But I was lucky things didn't turn out worse; the hard drive was still readable :D Since then I do ALWAYS save my work AT LEAST on one USB-stick, too. Hope your PC (and especially your thesis) is "well" soon!!! *fingers cross*

Gunnar Ries said...

Da drücke ich dir alle Daumen. Ich hatte den Mist auf drei Festplatten plus 2 USB Sticks parallel, damit ich ruhig schlafen konnte.

Lost Geologist said...

I reactivated my dinosaur-age computer to access the internet. Well, I do make back-up copies quite regularly but in the last month I was too busy and stressed that I forgot. Considering the worst case I might lose all my fieldwork fotos only - the rest either exists as copies a friend of mine has who was proof reading (I checked she still has it) or in paper form in the fieldbook. But without a computer (this old one needs 3 to 5 minutes to load an empty word file) I can't work on the thesis - not to mention do meaningful communication with friends, job applications, the money the repair will cost, etc. pp.

Aber Danke euch! Oh and Kathrin, the USB-stick (that had one of the more recent copies) probably caused the problem here and houses useless data-garbage by now!!!!! :-(