21 February, 2010

Tools and Tricks: Dictionary of Applied Geology

Thanks to my friend Kathrin I discovered a lengthy and 4-language dictionary of applied geology published online in the free access journal Freiberg Online Geosciences. In the 2001 edition a dictionary in German, English, Spanish and French is presented that has been compiled by Freiberg hydrogeologists. Consindering that I used to study for several semesters in Freiberg it is rather embarassing that only now I come across this interesting dictionary. All 4 language versions and one index can be freely downloaded as searchable PDF-files.

Here are the direct links to the files:

Index file
German version
English version
French version
Spanish version

I also recommend actually checking out their website. It features a number of papers on investigations of Freiberg geologists.

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Kathrin said...

You're welcome ;)