15 April, 2010


June 25th till 27th will be the time for the Sediment2010 meeting of the Central European Section of the SEPM (SEPM-CES) and the newly established Sedimentology Section of the Geologische Vereinigung (GV). The goal of this meeting is to provide a focus on the current sedimentological research in Germany and neighbouring countries.

The meeting will be located in the city of Potsdam, close to Berlin. There will be a number of short courses and field trips around Berlin.

Just an hour ago I submitted by own abstract for a poster presentation about some of the results of my Diploma mapping project. So you might be able to find me there in person. The extended abstract deadline ends today. Perhaps you want to submit something still?

The website and programm can be found here.

09 April, 2010

First Contact with the Electron Microprobe

Today was my long awaited first appointment with the electron microprobe. Already a month ago I had arranged this session to exemplify on three selected samples the distribution and source of arsenic and other important elements. It was a good but exhausting day spent in the lab together with the research assistant of the mineralogy department who is in charge of the EMP. We confirmed my hypothesis as to the source of arsenic with some pretty clear readings dispite working on grain sizes at the lower limit of the possible with our device. The smallest measured grain has a diameter of perhaps 3 to 5 microns. We also discovered an accesory mineral in the limestone samples that has not yet been previously described to be present in them. It is not necessarily something one might expect in a limestone. I prefer however to not yet reveal it, both because I work on an industry project and because it might be worth, together with a few other facts, to be published after my thesis is completed and graded. We also managed to shoot a hole straight through one of the not yet further identified mica chips. Fun with an electron beam that was not planed. From now on I really love that machine. If it wouldn't cost a fortune and if it wouldn't be almost the size of my room at home I would love to have my own. Below is a picture of the room and machine in action.

Microprobe and computer hardware at the FU Berlin.

04 April, 2010

Happy Easter - Frohe Ostern!

I want to wish all my readers, geobloggers and all people a wonderful holiday and Happy Easter!

Allen Lesern, Bloggern und allen Anderen wuensche ich ein frohes und gesegnetes Osterfest!