02 July, 2010

Where on Google Earth Nr. 208

It is some time since I last won. I am sorry it took a week until postig the next WOGE. Thesis is stressing me a lot and I needed some time to pick a target.

For any new players to Where on (Google) Earth, simply post a comment with latitude and longitude and write something about the (geologic) features in the picture. If you win, you get to host the next one.

I do invoke Schott’s Rule: former winners have to wait until posting for 1 hour for each WoGE they got right.

Posting time is July 2nd, 01:07 AM CET (UTC: 23:07)


Matthew said...

I believe this is the Messel Pit Fossil Site. It is an abandoned shale mine near the village of Messel, Germany, at 49.9175N and 8.7567E. It has been the source of a large variety of extremely well preserved fossils, and is now protected as a World Heritage Site, the only one listed exclusively because of its fossils.

Lost Geologist said...

Exactly, it is the famous "Grube Messel" that has also recently been in the news as the discovery site of the Ida "primate" fossil that caused some controversy.

It is your turn Matthew!

Matthew said...

Yeah! I won! Since I don't have a blog would you be able to post the next edition on your blog?

Lost Geologist said...

Yes I would be able to post the next edition, just make sure to email the screenshot of the desired location to studentgtb at hotmail dot com so that I can post. Not to give me an unfair advantage I will not participate in that WOGE. Am busy with thesis anyways. :)