31 August, 2010

Back in Town

There has been little news here. Mainly due to me being on vacations until a few days ago and spending a nice time on the Balearic Islands, essentially Mallorca. It looked like it has some great geology but I purposefully avoided touching any geology on my relaxation trip which was of course too short. Anyways, the weather and sea-side were fantastic and I wanted to let everybody know that I am back in town now. As you could read in my previous post weeks ago my thesis is done and has been handed-in to the examination office. My two supervisors have yet to file their report. In the meantime I organised my final oral examination for the end of september. Then it is complete "freedom"! 

That means that I also began writing and sending job applications and the first replies are coming in. Nothing cool or concrete, yet, though. With my specialisation I might need to search a bit until I find something that I both know how to do and like to do. Outside the industrial minerals (limestone, dolomite, gpysum/anhydrite, cement, aggregates, etc.) the German scene of exploration or mining companies is rather minute with only a handful of companies worth mentioning. Let's hope either someone in the industrial minerals (which is very strong in Germany) or in ore geology (which is, ehm, microscopic in Germany - we import felt 100% of metals) is in need for a just finished geologist. Or maybe I still stumble across a juicy PHD theme...

If you have some adivse it is naturally very welcome! Perhaps I might also add a CV-like section to my blog.

03 August, 2010

My Thesis: Freshly printed and smelling lovely.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me proudly present my freshly printed thesis! 

The title:
"Mikrofazies, Diagenese und Geochemie des Hauptrogensteins aus dem Pfirter Jura"
- roughly translated to -
"Microfacies, Diagenesis and Geochemistry of the Hauptrogenstein from the Jurassic of Ferrette".

In the image above are the five freshly printed copies of my Diplomarbeit (diploma thesis or master thesis in english). They still smell like print. Lovely! Below, my personal copy of my forgoing Diplomkartierung (something like diploma mapping project). Thus the thesis voyage is finally complete! I so can't wait to go to the examination office this week and officially hand-in the thesis. My supervisors seem pleased. So I am not in worries of my grade. The mapping report has already been examined. It got a good grade. But I have a feeling my thesis might be better. I listened to some of the criticism my mapping report got.

So what's left to do? One thing: The last and ultimate of the four oral diploma examinations. All I need is a time and place.

But first it is vacation time!!!!!