31 August, 2010

Back in Town

There has been little news here. Mainly due to me being on vacations until a few days ago and spending a nice time on the Balearic Islands, essentially Mallorca. It looked like it has some great geology but I purposefully avoided touching any geology on my relaxation trip which was of course too short. Anyways, the weather and sea-side were fantastic and I wanted to let everybody know that I am back in town now. As you could read in my previous post weeks ago my thesis is done and has been handed-in to the examination office. My two supervisors have yet to file their report. In the meantime I organised my final oral examination for the end of september. Then it is complete "freedom"! 

That means that I also began writing and sending job applications and the first replies are coming in. Nothing cool or concrete, yet, though. With my specialisation I might need to search a bit until I find something that I both know how to do and like to do. Outside the industrial minerals (limestone, dolomite, gpysum/anhydrite, cement, aggregates, etc.) the German scene of exploration or mining companies is rather minute with only a handful of companies worth mentioning. Let's hope either someone in the industrial minerals (which is very strong in Germany) or in ore geology (which is, ehm, microscopic in Germany - we import felt 100% of metals) is in need for a just finished geologist. Or maybe I still stumble across a juicy PHD theme...

If you have some adivse it is naturally very welcome! Perhaps I might also add a CV-like section to my blog.

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