13 September, 2010

Book Recommendation: Mississippi Valley-Type Deposit Model by USGS

Yesterday I recommended a USGS publication regarding Cu-Porphyries. Another of the recent USGS publications on mineral deposits is the Deposit Model for Mississippi Valley-Type Lead-Zinc Ores. Notably one of my most favorite kind of mineral deposits and that makes me quite existed to study this one more in detail. Perhaps we might see more of these thorough reports of the USGS in the future. A short summary can be found below the front cover image. To find the downloadable PDF file go HERE.
Front cover: Image source: USGS
This report is a descriptive model of Mississippi Valley-Type (MVT) lead-zinc deposits that presents their geological, mineralogical and geochemical attributes and is part of an effort by the U.S. Geological Survey Mineral Resources Program to update existing models and develop new models that will be used for an upcoming national mineral resource assessment. This deposit modeling effort by the USGS is intended to supplement previously published models for use in mineral-resource and mineral-environmental assessments. Included in this report are geological, geophysical and geochemical assessment guides to assist in mineral resource estimation. The deposit attributes, including grade and tonnage of the deposits described in this report are based on a new mineral deposits data set of all known MVT deposits in the world.


Dan McShane said...

Thanks for the heads up on this. I had a little exploration project this summer in northeast Washington State looking at lead/zinc potential. Unlikely to be any follow up any time soon, but the updated overview will be good for me.

Lost Geologist said...

That's interesting. I didn't yet know of any Pb/Zn mineralization in Washington State. Is it MVT like?