18 October, 2010

"E&G - Quarternary Science Journal" - online and open access!

Interesting news for all you interested in quartenary science and open access! "E&G - Quarternary Science Journal" by the German Society of the Quarternary (DEUQUA) is now available online as an open access publication reaching back till the very first issues in 1951! The publication mode has recently been changed with the cooperation of GEOZON a publisher derived from an open access project of the University of Greiswald, Germany. I almost forgot to mention all of this because I totally forgot about the email I received from them a couple of weeks ago. During my visit of the GeoDarmstadt 2010 geological congress in Darmstadt - jointly hosted by Geologische Vereinigung (GV) and Deutsche Geologische Gesellschaft (DGG) - I had the chance to talk to a representativ of DEUQUA and gather plenty of informative leaflets about the new publication system. Hope this is interesting for some of you out there!