19 October, 2010

Experiences from GeoDarmstadt2010

Recently, October 10th - 13th, I attended the geological congress GeoDarmstadt2010 jointly hosted by Geologische Vereinigung (GV) and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften (DGG). There were a number of field trips to places in Germany before, during and after the meeting. Unfortunately my private budget didn't support the idea of attending those also. Nevertheless the meeting was another interesting experience. Being more interested in economic geology and sedimentology the 2nd and 3rd day were the highlights for me. A number of session on topics and research on mineral deposits in Germany was supported by some excellent presenters. Gladly also my usuall shyness to approach people got less the longer the meeting lasted and I got the chance to actually shake hands and talk to a few reknown researchers working on sequence stratigraphy of carbonates (Wolfgang Schlager of Amsterdam University) and on strategic aspects of economic geology (Friedrich-Wilhelm Wellmer former President of the BGR). Besides meeting famous people I also made a few new contacts that might be helpful in my beginning professional career after graduation. I don't feel like stretching my hopes here that's why I will refrain from apraising these until I know something more concrete. Also, I met our fellow blogger Lutz from the well-known Geoberg Blog or Geonetzwerk. Attending the sessions on public outreach was also a rewarding experience. Our friend was active with two presentations about the aforementioned Geonetzwerk and later on about the usefullness of geoblogging which had some mixed respondses from the audience. Blogging did not reach the minds of people here, yet.

Last but not least some fotographic impressions from the meeting and Darmstadt:

 Entrance to the meeting and conference center Darmstadtium

 A part of the poster session while sessions are taking place.

 Sessions about public outreach activites and the Geonetzwerk.

 Wonderful architecture in Darmstadt right opposite the conference center.


Lutz said...

Thanks for mention and good luck for your next steps to a nice job!

Kathrin said...

Hi Mathias, thanks for this interesting post! I hope you were successful in socializing for your job.

Cheers, Kathrin