28 November, 2010

Where life may take you...

The last few weeks have been an emotional roller-coaster ride par excellence both privately (that I won't be sharing here in any further detail) and professionally switching from the deepest possible misery to wonderful offers. Life has a twisted humor to send it all in happening at once. Things are stabilising by now and especially the professional aspects are offering some great chances to look forward to. As a matter of fact I do have three very different but nonetheless very interesting offers that may wet not just my own appetite for more. A fellow geologist and friend of mine has offered me to come to work in Mexico as a junior geologist for the company he works for and participate in their greenfields exploration programm (know what it means? if not, ask) for silver and gold. What a jaw dropping offer that came out of the blue! Right ahead of that on the same day to follow came a totally different offer that materialised as a fall-out follow-up of attending the GeoDarmstadt 2010 meeting this october and the contacts I made there. There is a very cool offer to start a PhD in southern Germany. A fully industry sponsored project about clays and industrial minerals that is appealing very much to my personality of digging into stuff deep - especially because even the "experts" don't seem have a clue what's wrong. Last but not least I was kicked-out of the application process for the trainee-programm of an international refractories producer - only to be suddenly asked now if I am still interested in the job to become their new research engineer and manage their pilot studies. Cool. As I can't do it all there will be an important decision day soon. I am leaning towards the PhD on industrial minerals because I always wanted to get a chance to do exactly what I want and this is the chance. Some never get it. Also, there probably are tens of thousands of precious metals experts. In the end I would just be one of many. But with that PhD I'll probably mutate into somewhat of an exotic freak (which is a bit of scary but aren't the dangerous things often the most fun?). Besides the lab they'd probably be sending me around the globe (Latin America, Asia, Australasia) to dig into special dirt and cross-check the lab results.

OK. So far for the news here.