13 April, 2011

It's alive, it's alive!

The dinosaurs probably got extinct more than once in the time of my online absence from blogging, however, this blog ain't dead - just in temporary hibernation that may end soon. Life threw a couple of more rocks at me that I had to handle in style suitable for a geologist. As things are going I have a job! Wohohooo!!! I didn't sign, yet, so I will delay the official celebration until later but as things are developing I will be moving to a large, wonderful city in Southern Germany soon to work at a reknown university and also persue a PhD related to industrial minerals. This also means that I finally have something to blog about and will be doing my own research - and behold: they will use me as a teaching assistant on the first year students! No idea who should be more scared: me or THEM! Haha... Stay tuned. The next weeks might be full with work here to move and organise but I promise once I get the time I will let you know and restart the geoblogging. :-D