24 April, 2011

The Horrors and Pleasures

Well, I can reveal it. I am going to move to Munich sometime in the next days. It is an exciting development. A job and PhD waiting, a cool and interesting city, wonderful landscape and great geological places near-by. Just one small thing is stressing: I have no place to live that I can possible afford to pay with the small salary. Munich is the most expensive city in Germany. I don't even have a hotel room. Sadly I have no friends or relatives living in Munich either. Oh boy...but this is the life of a young geoscientist. Haha! Prices are obscence with some rooms of only 9 to 10 sqm costing 600 EURO!

On the pleasure side: I am going to work on the genesis of bentonites within the context of economic geoloy. There are large bentonite deposits in Germany but we will be focusing our efforts on deposits overseas. Am not quite sure how much I can reveal with a good conscience, yet. But it seems promising and will include a few travels abroad that I am looking forward to a lot. Stay tuned.

Oh BTW: HAPPY EASTER to everbody!


Silver Fox said...

Happy Easter, and hope you find a place soon! Maybe the school (?) advertises apartment rentals with other grad students? I know one student who lived in his VW bus while in school(!), but we have a warm climate, at least in summer.

Suvrat Kher said...

Welcome back to blogging!! looking forward to hearing about your work and other stuff.. !

Lost Geologist said...

thanks for the comments, also in the other posts!

my office is huge. room enough for three. if i find no room i'll ask to but a bed in here. haha!