03 May, 2011

First days at work

WOW! I began working on monday at university. I live in a new large city. Everything, literally everything, is new. Met a lot of new colleagues and professors who are all very kind. Bit chaotic situation and unorganised but I have my own office room (still needs more furniture) and keys for all the rooms. Hehe...contract still floating around missing and I still live in a small guesthouse. No room nor flat, yet. This is really tough here. No science done yet but the PhDs/assistants have a monthly and very fun bar meeting. Been tossing around ideas today with my PhD supervisor and had some of my own. Perhaps with one of two of those ideas you my dear readers and followers might be of very practical help. But I will reveal that once it is more thought through. We also plan one or two trips to the USA sometime this or next year. It might be a chance to meet some of you geobloggers out there! But we have no route planed, yet. Just some states that we will certainly see. Till soon! Sorry for any spelling mistakes - currently I practically live in a bar next to the guesthouse and I ain't feeling like spell-checking. :D

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