07 May, 2011

Week One

My first week at work has passed successfully. Most of my office time was invested into finding a place to live but that has been brought to a success yesterday and I can move-in monday or thuesday. Perhaps I got to sleep one night in the office but I'll happily do that knowing that I have a place to go to. Assisting in the lectures is also quite fun I noticed. This semester it will mostly be in the 2nd semester course of "Maps and Profiles" teaching how to read and use maps, especially geological maps, and interpret them. At the end of may I will be acompanying a one-day field trip to one of the best known Kaolin deposits in Germany. It is mined by various companies and has huge open pits. I figure that it might also be my first geological contribution to the blogosphere in a long time. Otherwise, I like the city. It is wonderful. Hopefully after I moved in I can also invest some time in getting to know the nice sides and finally meet some people. Oh and I hope I finally get my contract and ID so that I can login online and do all the useful stuffs at university...

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