10 November, 2011

The joy of research

The joy of research. During the last couple of weeks I have been compiling data from the literature into a big table in order to identify specific factors for mineral formation in the environments that I am investigating. It has been a cool task that was greatly advanced by my recent and on-going cold that has me stuck at home doing not much useful but reading papers and typing Mg/Ca ratios, pH, salinities and many other factor into that table. Today I read 3 whole papers which I included into the table and I have been reading 2...no 3 others for general understanding of the problem at hand. It hit me today while cross-reading through those other papers. It was just a single sentence but...there is no similiarity or single governing factor to solve what I am trying to do. A break-through of understanding the problem. There is more than one road to Rome. What a feeling to breach through and advance the personal knowledge of understanding, and what disappointment to realize that I can compile and analyze as many papers, data and experiments as I like, and yet - dispite it being  fun and informative  - will not solve the problem in the way we (my supervisor and I) thought. What a weird feeling to score such a victory and still notice that it will not help. Back to the start. I need a new idea. Still feels kind of cool.

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